The successful presentations of the representatives of LLC Kutaisi University at the 7th International Conference on Teacher Education in Israel within the framework of CURE Project

The 5th, final international consortium meetings were held this year at the MOFET Institute within the CURE project of European Union program “Erasmus+” in Tel Aviv, Israel. The meetings lasted for two days ( 23 and 27 June).

            The CURE project consortium members took part in the 7th international conference at the same Institute. The Conference – “The Story of Innovation in Teacher Education” took place between the meeting days (24, 25 and 26 June). The purpose of the CURE members’ participation was the project dissemination.

            The head of Kutaisi University CURE team – Mr. Elguja Deisadze and the researcher/teacher – Mrs. Mariam Kilanava attended the consortium meetings and the conference as well.

            Elguja Deisadze made a speech on the discussion topic  - “The cultivation of active citizenship and democratic values in pedagogical education: the prospects of Israel and Georgia”  at the “short round table” section.

            On the 26th of June, Mariam Kilanava represented the topic - “The Benefits of VaKE in Georgian EFL Classes Within the Framework of the CURE project” at the international conference poster section. 

            Besides the above mentioned successful presentations, the representatives of Kutaisi University actively took part in Consortium conference meetings and made a report for the representative of the EU partner University (Tallinn University) - Sirje Virkus about the future steps to be done. The report covered the aspects of future collaboration and the sides agreed on the visit data of the Tallinn University representative in Kutaisi (the last week of November in 2019). The purpose of the future visit was defined as a monitoring of the Kutaisi University students’ activities. 


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